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Danell and her Family

February 5th, 2024

We have offered to take on a project for a 11 year old Quinlan girl named Danell and her family. This little girl was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) on 09/29/2023 and began her chemotherapy treatments on 09/30/2023.
She currently has just been admitted into Children's Hospital awaiting a transplant from a donor in another country. In order for Danell to come home there are certain things the HAVE to be repaired in their house and we only have 120 days from today to get them done.

We received the list of repairs that the hospital has given the family and while some repairs may be small there are others that are more significant. This is going to take our community coming together to make this happen. We are starting out with small group of support that have already agreed to join in on helping us make this happen:

Jc Gore & Ashleigh Gore,
Peyton Desmond with G&S Sales for some of the materials needed,
Boyd's Septic Cleaning for septic work,
James Jackson for general labor and painting,
Shawn Kevin Brown,
also Hunt County Theft Reports with their help to obtain sponsors to help fund this project.


Let's come together for this little girl and her family to assure a comfortable place her her long recovery.

March 5th, 2024

I want to thank Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing. They came out to evaluate the duct work and found that it needed to completely be replaced. That was an expense we wasn't prepared for. I explained how important it was to be fixed with her immune system being weakened and in order for her to be allowed to return home. After giving me an estimate they asked me to give them a couple of days and that I'd hear back from them to see if they might be able to help with some of the expense. They called me back and said they would cover the entire cost of the job. They replaced every bit of the duct work using antimicrobial duct with R8 value throughout the entire house. It will insure no growth like black mold and other mirofungus to accumulate in the system. They also installed a new plenum and checked over the furnace and condenser. They got the job on schedule quickly and were in and out in a day. Thank you so much for covering this huge expense that we were trying to figure out how to fund. Not only have you saved us thousands of dollars you helped us get Danell home and that's priceless to the family.

If you'd like to donate:

Venmo @DanellAML


Anyone that would like to get involved with helping please contact us.

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